Reasonable entertainment centers in Hanoi

   Being a modern person, living in the modern industrialization as today, the demand for entertainment is also increasing. With a capital city like Hanoi, it is inevitable. Let introduces you to some of the entertainment centers in Hanoi.

   Royal City - Get ideas from the Royal European city luxury and modern, the entire Royal City project is planned with a total area of 120,945m2 with about 70,000 m2 garden, green park create a close to nature. Designed according to the style of modern European-style architecture, the Royal City consists of six buildings R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 (short for Royal city 1, Royal city 2, Royal city 3, Royal city 4, Royal city 5, Royal city 6) are closely connected with each other and with utilities, functional works, public works through 4 underground tunnels connected throughout the project. 2 basements B3, B4 create an extremely large parking lot, 2 basements B1, B2 with 230,000 m2 wide. All of which form the largest and most modern underground trade center in Southeast Asia. Royal City impresses people from the first glance with its unique and sophisticated design gates to the fascinating entrance into a large square of nearly 30,000 square meters. Here, you will meet the art sculptures made of monolithic Royal European style elegant, has a romantic, classic, modern, elegant, fit. Aesthetic of all ages, all classes in society. These contribute to make Royal City a fun and entertaining destination, where big events are held.

   Come to the royal city, there are many interesting things awaiting you. Vincom Mega Mall (VMM) - the first commercial center in Vietnam to develop in the Mega Mall international standard - "one destination - all needs - multiple options".

   In addition to the retail areas, VMM Royal City spends a large area for an amusement park with unique items. Next to it is the first indoor water park in Vietnam (Vinpearl Water Park Royal City) operates four seasons with all modern and exciting water games. A place not to be missed is the largest indoor ice rink in Vietnam (Vinpearl Ice Rink Royal City) all year round, which gives these unique sports lovers the opportunity to experience the fun of slides ice training. There is also a world of games with a variety of games with KizCiti - "City of miniature" for children in the house first appeared in Hanoi with vocational activities for children from 3 - 15 years old.


   Time City - With a total area of up to 10,000 m2 in Vincom Mega Mall Times City, Vinpearl Land Times City is the perfect combination of the largest Vinpearl Aquarium in Vietnam and Paradise of Happiness. VinKE family will bring customers the most enjoyable and complete experience. Vinpearl Aquarium -dubbed as a "miniature ocean" in the heart of Hanoi, right from the beginning of the opening, Vinpearl Aquarium has become an attractive destination for the people of Hanoi. With an area of up to 4,000m2, converging more than 30,000 organisms in the volume of nearly 3 million liters of seawater, the Vinpearl Aquarium impresses with the largest and most modern aquarium in Vietnam and it is the first tunnel aquarium in Hanoi. The aquarium is divided into three areas: fresh water, salt water, and reptile caves. Each area has its own unique ecological characteristics that give visitors an unforgettable feeling.

   VinKE playground - with an area of up to 6,000 m2, VinKE creates play space for children. This is a useful career path to help you orient your career in the future. In this place, they will discover and acquire the knowledge of their favorite industries by pretending to be employees in the fire department, hospital, restaurant, company. So that they have the opportunity to contact with many careers, choose their own goals and directions to suit themselves. If the children come to VinKE for fun purposes, entertainment and games such as labyrinth games and games, electric cars hit, conquered a top is a place for families to play together. In addition, parents can be assured that VinKE gaming facilities are guaranteed international safety standards and there is always a team of knowledgeable professionals around to help you.