Sapa – A Fanciful City

Located in the north of Vietnam, Sapa is a mountain district of Lao Cai Province, a land of the miraculous and fanciful beauty of nature. The natural landscape of SaPa has amalgamated the creativity of the people with the terrain of the mountains, the green of the forests, as the harmonious and gentle picture brings into a land of dreamy and attractive scenery.

When it mentioned to Sapa, we must tell about wonderful natural beauty that attracts tourists to visit such as Silver Waterfall about 200 m high with streams of water to create the impressive sound of mountains and forests or Cau May - a historical relic of ethnic. Come to Sapa, you can't ignore Ham Rong mountain near the town, any visitor can go there to get the panorama view of the town. Muong Hoa valley, Sapa, Ta Phin hid in the mist. At present, with human ornamentation hand, Ham Rong is a wonderful landscape full of the fruitPa. To Ham Rong, visitors can stray into the garden, rushing clouds, brilliant flowers on the ground. Sapa also has an old church in the town. From the town back, a monastery built almost of stone on a clear hillside. Traveling through the three-kilometer-long journey northward to Ta Phin cave, the breadth may be enough to accommodate a large number of military-sized regiments. In many fanciful stalactites and stalagmites create interesting appearances such as dancing figure, beautiful sitting fairy, far field, sparkling forests.

Sa Pa is considered to be the "kingdom" of flowers, such as peach blossom, yellow peach, purple plum, plum blossom, roses especially immortal flowers exist as ever with time. One of the characteristics of the Northwest Forest in general and of Sapa, in particular, is the terraced field. Terraces field in Sapa is a harmonious combination between nature and human hands. Its beauty and mysterious has made many travelers to SaPa to be surprised. It also brings a simple and rustic beauty of the homeland bringing the sense of peace. With a beautiful and wonderful landscape that looks like a ladder climbing the sky of terraced fields, SaPa has become one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations.

Travel Sapa will also help tourists understand more about the culture of some ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Nowadays, in Sapa, there are up to 6 ethnic groups, and each ethnic group has its own culture which makes us feel very interested. One of the famous activities in Sapa is the market. People often call it “love market”. It is a market for young people to gather and learn from each other.

One thing that can’t be missed in this beautiful city is food. The food here has the flavor of forest which is the traditional food of the ethnic people that we should try at least once.

There is too much to talk about Sapa because it is a land of so much wonder, so start your journey to explore the poetic land - Sapa town in the fog.